the wordsy way to think about numbers

Words can be mentally spelled to give numbers
and numbers can be made into words.

Since words and their meanings are fun to play with
and easy to remember...
maybe you should try using words for numbers!

How does Pseudonumerology work?

Learn to pseudospell now!

About the "finaglers" who developed the number alphabet

Glossary of Special Terms
Pseudonumerology Pseudonumeral Pseudonumer Pseudonume pseudospell. etc.

Games Examplesof silly Pseudonumes
Pseudonumerology Historical dates
Pseudonumerals crossword game . Complete telephone numbers
Number Names Telephone extension numbers
FUNtasmagoria Mathematical numbers: e
Pseudonumeral Sums the first 500 digits of pi (p)

crossword puzzles

Linksto the first media coverage of Pseudonumerology

Books and Pseudonumers
(by Allan Krill desktop published by PseudonumerologicVIPs, Trondheim, Norway).
Pseudonumerology including full instructions and the Ponderous Pseudonumer with 65,000 Pseudonumes
The Pocket Pseudonumer download here for free!
Norsk Pseudonumer (a Norwegian version of the Pocket Pseudonumer)
Krill's Numberword Thesaurus (1997, no longer available)

Get a free Pseudonume for one of your long-digit numbers

Word games andmemory exercises.

With machines to do more of our physical and mental work,
we can do fun and effective exercises to keep ourselves in shape.

PseudonumerologicVIPs tell a friend about pseudonumerology!
©2000 Allan Krill

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