Get a silly word phrase (pseudonume) for one of your long-digit numbers!

Would you like to see one of your long-digit numbers made into words?  Send me an email:allan@pseudonumerology.com with your number, and I will send you a pseudonume by return email.
Using the Ponderous Pseudonumer®, my 200-page reference book, it takes me about 5 minutes to make a pseudonume phrase.  I do this because it's fun -- like solving part of a crossword puzzle.  This is the game Pseudonumerology®.
Don't worry about overloading me.  If  I get a rush of internet requests, I will remove this offer from the web site until I am ready to do some more.

Here are some pseudonumes that I have sent to people.  (I won't put your number here unless you ask me to.)   If these phrases don't make much sense to you, it is partly because people have different tastes and interests.  These phrases suit me fine, but with a little more time I could fine alternative solutions.  With a Ponderous Pseudonumer, you would be able to make phrases that suit you and your numbers.
7 digits                               how the words are mentally pseudospelled as the numbers   
2828541  no phoney flirt  (n=2, ph=8, n=2, f=8, l=5, r=4, t=1)
6231828  gene-modifying whiff  (g=6, n=2, m=3, d=1, f=8, n=2, ff=8)
6231828  shine a midwife-knife  (sh=6, n=2, m=3, d=1, f=8, n=2, f=8)
8 digits
02624079  sunshine horoscope  (s=0, n=2, sh=6, n=2, r=4, s=0, c=7, p=9)
41438367  here to remove magic  (r=4, t=1, r=4, m=3, v=8, m=3, g=6, c=7)
73889853  comfy VIP film  (c=7, m=3, f=8, V=8, P=9, f=8, l=5, m=3)
90159093  postal buzzbomb  (p=9, s=0, t=1, l=5, b=9, zz=0, b=9, m=3)
98045585  behaves really lively  (learn how to pseudospell these yourself!)
9 digits
055508407  (time) slowly yellows a fresco
095213280  houseplant mini-vase
802423472  voicing "rename Oregon"
10 digits
2122902878  entwining poison-ivy coffee
2195623971  inedible shoe, no ambiquity!
2195623971  anti-pollution impact
3078780303  Miss Kafka (in a) face-museum
9208464585  penis-forgery lawful
11 digits
02089452768  he swings a fibery lanky sheaf
08706005544  esophagus juice (quiets a) silly hollerer
39311029057  embalmed toes in a basilica
42004041349  a harness is a horsehair tummy-rope
42401062488  orneriest Szechuan revive
86011204130  facist dance-rythems
12 digits
017936498321  stuck-up Major -- a beefy humanoid
201058208442  eons dissolve unsafe roaring
(i.e. time leads to extinction of roaring dinosaurs)

©2001   Allan Krill